Lead Writer for Mobile, Wix.com

Abi Yitshaki

Abigail, the Lead Writer for Mobile at website building platform Wix.com, creates and edits content for the mobile app product, which since its launch in 2017 has reached over 10 million business and community owners worldwide. Abigail started her career in PR & Marketing after completing her BA (Hons) and MA in English Literature at the University of London. She currently lives in Tel Aviv, where she has specialized in Marketing Copywriting and UX writing for the past 8 years. Passionate about creative writing, she’s currently working on her first fictional novel.

UX Salon WORDS Talk

UX Writing for the Mobile Interface

Mobile has fundamentally altered the way in which we consume information and read text. In this talk, Abigail will discuss the extent to which mobile evolution has impacted us as readers and how text written for mobile products should be adapted accordingly.

She’ll discuss the mobile space, its relationship with the desktop product and how UX patterns & components can best be utilised. Abigail will also share the mobile text methodologies Wix writers use in order to create content that makes an impact.