Product Designer, Dropbox.com

Benjamin Hersh

Ben Hersh designs to make the world a more thoughtful and creative place. Currently, he wrangles complex systems at Dropbox, and previously crafted reading experiences at Medium. He writes about design, culture, and science, and has given talks around the world to inspire curiosity about the tools and methods of design. Ben came to design by way of visual art, cognitive science, and public radio. Find him @mostlycogent

UX Salon WORDS Talk

Why Stories Work: Emerging Science & Practical Insights for Creatives

Do you work with other people? A good story can rally your team, win over stakeholders, and inspire action. It’s never been more important or challenging to engage your audience and hold their attention. How might we use the tools at hand to convey ideas clearly and persuasively?

This talk explores the craft of storytelling through the lens of remote collaboration, cognitive science, and expert perspectives.