Consultant, Professor, Author, Specialist in Digital Media

Bruno Rodrigues

Bruno Rodrigues is a consultant and professor, specialist in information for digital media, author of the books ‘In search of good practices in UX Writing’ (2019 in Portuguese, 2020 in Spanish), ‘Webwriting: the text for digital media’ (2000) – the first works in their field in Portuguese on Webwriting and UX Writing – and ‘Webwriting: Writing & information for the web’ (2006) and ‘Webwriting: Writing for digital media’ (2014). He is also author of the brazilian online writing standard, ‘Standards Brazil e-Gov: Web Writing Booklet’ (2010). In twenty years, he has provided consulting and training in Webwriting, UX Writing and Information Architecture to more than 60 companies in Brazil and abroad.

UX Salon WORDS Talk

The Importance of Semantics in UX Writing

Much of the success in communicating with audiences is choosing the right word. However, in UX Writing, the copywriter is only a means to an end. In this presentation, Bruno Rodrigues will highlight the importance of a deep dive into the audience’s semantics and share some valuable techniques.