Founder, Copywriter, TBC.wtf

Dave Barton

Dave originally studied theater and film at university. He enjoyed writing so much as a student that he decided to do something similar as a job. Fast-forward 15+ years and he’s just about managed to forge a career in content writing. He’s worked in PR, marketing, and advertising for a range of businesses operating in sectors as diverse as construction equipment, adhesives, sportswear, and ice cream(!). However, it’s tech where he feels most at home. He spends his days trying to tame the wordage around the apps, platforms, and solutions that really smart people build, into high-impact, business-friendly messages. He uses exclamation marks far too much for someone of his age and digs an Oxford comma.

UX Salon WORDS Talk

An Arm Around The Shoulder: Writing With An Alarming Intimacy

Successful branding and marketing isn’t just about chiming in with a zeitgeist, hoping that someone in your target audience will like what you’re saying and therefore buy your products or subscribe to your services. No. Not really.

It’s about creating an individual logic around your brand and its messaging that cuts through the usual bullshit that customers see and hear. It’s about getting their attention by providing a unique perspective on the issues that matter to them. It’s coming at them leftfield to engage, entertain, and entice them to find out more about what your company’s offering. It’s speaking to them with an alarming intimacy; an honesty that they’re not used to hearing.

We see plenty of consumer brands doing this – so why not B2B/tech ones too? If anything they need to make their point of difference even more distinct; particularly when what they do isn’t immediately obvious; or is easily masked behind a veneer of complexity.