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Writing for Product Wireframes: UX Text from Inception - UX Salon WORDS 2020 - June 22-24, 2020
UX Writer, Wix.com

Derek Kedziora

Derek is a UX Writer at Wix, where he specializes in bringing new products to life. To date he’s launched Wix Challenges, Groups, the Blog Importer and Analytics. Derek’s background before becoming a tech writer was in linguistics and teaching English as a foreign language. When he’s not writing, Derek is cycling around Kyiv.

UX Salon WORDS Talk

Writing for Product Wireframes: UX Text from Inception

Every writer in tech has heard, “Here’s the final design, just add some copy.” That’s a surefire way to get bad text and a questionable product.

Writing production-ready text at the wireframe stage is the antidote. Derek will outline the dos and don’ts for getting writers involved from the start. And that’s when the magic happens:

– Great content strategy from the start
– Text is no longer a band-aide
– Design, product and text are a single team