Head of the Wix Writers’ Guild

Nora Ginio

Originally from Newfoundland, Canada and a student of psychology, Nora has been in the business of writing for tech – since it was possible to be a tech writer. With 22 years of content writing under her belt, Nora has vast knowledge and experience in high level content strategy for UX, marketing, blog, SEO, and even a few Super Bowl ad campaigns. She joined Wix in 2012 to build the Wix Voice and Tone, writing methodology and processes. Today, Nora is the Head of the Wix Writers’ Guild with 145+ writers in 20 languages serving over 180 million users. She oversees all Wix text in UX, knowledge base and marketing, and through the development of the Wix Writers’ Guild, has showcased Wix’s writing methodology through Words Matter workshops and the dedicated blog, Words Matter by Wix.