Co-founder, TheVoiceCourse.Co

Sina Kahen

Sina Kahen is the co-founder of TheVoiceCourse.Co – the best-selling online course that helps you figure out your voice strategy and design. He has consulted global brands such as BBC, Lego, and O2. He identifies the challenges from the recent wave of AI adoption, and addresses them using behavioural science, biomimicry, and emotional design. Sina graduated as a Biomedical Scientist, and has an MBA from Imperial College Business School.

UX Salon WORDS Talk

Voice Assistants: the Hype, the Reality, the Emotions

Voice assistants are the fastest adopted technology in history. They promised us conversations, yet they lack the emotional intelligence that is expected in real conversations. Do emotions really play a role in voice technology? If so, how are we meant to deal with them? Sina Kahen outlines the connection between our technology and our emotions, and offers a proprietary framework that will help newbie and novice UX’ers create more emotionally intelligent conversational experiences.