Founder, GetUplift

Talia Wolf

Talia is the founder of GetUplift – the CRO consultancy and training space top brands turn to when they want to optimize their funnels and create experiences customers love to convert to. Using customer-centric methods, emotional targeting strategies and in-depth data, Talia generates more leads, sales and ROI for high-growth companies. Talia has been invited to teach conversion optimization on hundreds of stages such as Google, MozCon, Call To Action Conference, SearchLove, and many more and was recently listed as one of the most influential experts in conversion optimization.

UX Salon WORDS Talk

Emotional Targeting: How to Leverage the Power of Emotion for a better UX

The words we use often influence our users decisions and affect the overall user experience. However, being a great copywriter for our product is not enough, to be effective we must also understand our users intrinsic motives and state of mind, we must craft words to target our users’ emotional intent.

Join us to learn how to tap into the different emotional triggers that persuade people’s decisions, and get all the frameworks, formulas and templates Talia uses to optimize copy and design for her clients to create high-converting experiences.