UX Writer @ Fundbox

Yael Ben-David

Yael is a UX writer who specializes in complex products. She has written health, financial, and other products used by more than 100 million people around the world. After a BA in journalism at New York University and MSc and PhD studies in neurobiology at The Hebrew University, Yael discovered her passion for making innovative tech accessible to mass markets through clear, helpful, data-driven microcopy.

UX Salon Workshop

Writing Two Sides of One Transaction

What do Airbnb, ebay, LinkedIn (and many others) have in common?
They are all two-sided platforms: on the one side there are users offering something and on the other side there are users who want it. The value of these products is dependent on bringing both sides into the same product. Fundbox’s payments platform also has two two sides: The businesses who pay for purchases with Fundbox credit and the businesses who accept this payment method.
In this talk, Yael Ben-David, UX writer at Fundbox, will tell us how they do it:

  • How do you write microcopy that resonates with multiple user segments in the same product?
  • How do you address the segments’ different pain points all in one interface?
  • How do you find the terminology that sounds natural and garners trust from users in two different worlds?
  • How do you decide when to maintain multiple versions that are more segment-specific and what do you do when that’s not possible?
Yael will explain the approach, methodologies, and tools they use at Fundbox to solve these challenges and how they can be applied to any product.